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Hire a boat and we provide the pots!

Crabbing in the Houghton RiverWe love crabbing here at Mudpickers. Why? For one, the crabs taste damn good (steamed is best!); but – more importantly – it makes for a fantastic family day out. When you’re out in the creeks you don’t have to worry so much about the weather and once you have your pots in, it’s all about relaxing – total bliss, we think. The only mildly annoying thing about it is getting your crab pots ready. Well, what if you didn’t have to? Latch on to one of our crabbing packages and you get four pots all baited, labelled and ready to sling over the side to clean-up on tasty crab. Our Chief Mudpicker will even give you a brief lesson if you are new to the wonderful world of crabbing.

Cost: Just $50 for four pots, baited, with ropes and labelled floats.

Please note that there is a charge for lost pots so please remember where you left them!

How to tell if your crab if full of meat – courtesy of Fisheries NT

How to tell if a crab is full

Generally the carapace of a full crab will be dull and may have algae or barnacles attached; the inner teeth of the claws will also be worn. For buck (male) crabs the best way to test is to press your thumbs against the abdominal plates on the underside of the crab, adjacent to the second walking legs. If this causes an inward flex on both plates the crab is not full. Other indicators that a crab is not full are a clean and shiny carapace and sharp well defined teeth on the inside of the claws. Any empty crabs should be returned to the water as soon as possible. Please make sure that your crabs are firmly tied or restrained before handling them; otherwise they’ll find out if your toes or fingers are full of meat!